BA Fine Art Graduate
Community Support Worker/Carer

I have wanted to be an artist since I was very young. I've always been creative, loved painting, collage and drawing. Being an artist is difficult as the meaning of certain work does not always translate and the independent opinion of the viewer is of their own encounters within the world. For certain work I have written blog posts which you can read to retrieve the full story (

I have an interest in anatomy and the musculoskeletal system which I continually explore in depth as an osteopath. Working in the care sector I also find how assisting others is intrinsically important in understanding debilitation, healing and respect. These issues continually inform my work as an artist.

The issues which have profoundly affected my interests are rape, domestic violence, racism, homophobia and how love plays a vital role in overcoming these. My work on is a project which I have been working on for quite a while; I wanted to create a personal connection with the viewer which looks at human nature attempting to find comfort in familiarity while still maintaining guard. I feel threat towards instinctual habit can cause violence as the new encroaches.