About the Artist

The issues which have profoundly affected my interests are rape, domestic violence, racism, homophobia and how love plays a vital role in overcoming these. My work on rue.cloud is an adapting completed project since 2016, though I have been studying art for years previous. I wanted to create a personal connection with the viewer which looks at human nature attempting to find comfort in familiarity while still maintaining guard.

I feel threat towards instinctual habit can lead to violence; as mentioned above my experience with conflicts has given me a balanced perspective.

My work on this site is solely from my own development; websites which may link this page as an extension of another site are not representations of my work or myself as an artist. I like this statement as a comment on the interconnectivity of online and the challenges regarding artist authenticity. For the space I have constructed within I would like to emphasise the importance of creativity under the blanket of art as the first and most enduring spirit of the creator.

Past Shows and Impressum

2014, 2015, 2016 Corridor Exhibition, Goring-by-Sea

2016 The Art Family Presents: Something for Everyone, London

2017 Brighton Street Art: Rue / Lockx, Brighton

2017 Free Range, London

2018 Development and Presentation Hiatus, Midlands

2019 Eyes On, Preston


2018 'Post', Independent Publication